Pirates of the Caribbean

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This webquest is designed to make the students more interested and learn more about the Golden Age of Piracy during the sixteenth century. We will explore about the historical figures that wandered that part of the world back in the day and use Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as a background way of learning about them.


Have you played Assassin's Creed? It's a historical game set in many parts throughout history that teaches about certain periods of time. The latest entry in the series created by Ubisoft revolves around the Peloponisian war that teared Sparta and Athens apart during 450 BCE. In the titles, you are an Assassin that tries to make it right by ridding the world from the Templars influence while wandering historical sites like Venice, Victorian London or revolutionary Paris in the 1790s.

But now, you are not in any of those sites. You were just initiated in the order of the Assassins in the Caribbean during the beginning of the sixteenth century. You are no pirate, but you will need their help to figure it out who is part of the Templars and who is not. You will be given a list of influential people during that time and by looking them up you will have to decide whether they are Templars or not.

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